The SLG Guarantee

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THE SLG GUARANTEE: MORE FOR YOU, THAN FOR ME! Surprisingly, neither the amount of your settlement, nor the percentage you pay an attorney, determine the success of your personal injury claim. Your peace of mind, reduced payouts, and maximizing your net recovery (money in your pocket), are more important. PEACE OF MIND First, your lawyer must extinguish all medical reimbursements upon settlement. This spares his client unhappy surprises later, like calls from collectors. The peace of mind derived from owing nothing justifies hiring the right attorney. REDUCING PAYOUTS Paying the bills is not enough. Lower payouts benefit the client more [...]

The Top 7 Must-Know Tips For Your Legal Crisis

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What If I’ve Been In An Auto Accident? Make sure you exchange insurance information, get the names and numbers of witnesses and make sure they report to the police. Get appropriate medical treatment and let the police know you have been injured, or may have been injured.  NEVER tell anyone: “I’m ok.”  You simply don’t know if you are ok following a collision until later, after you’ve been checked out by a doctor.  Call a lawyer. What If I’m Getting A Divorce? Don’t move out of the house.  Secure your share of the money and other assets.  Don’t let your [...]

The 7 Most Crucial Strategies You MUST Use to Win Any Fight!

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Have you ever been cheated?  Has your insurance ever arbitrarily denied a righteous claim?  Have you ever been overcharged or underserved?  Has your reservation, or your luggage, ever been lost?  If so, you have probably been ignored, misled, blown off, lied to, and infuriated by A customer service representatives and others whose job it is to prevent you from obtaining the relief you deserve and costing their employer money.  Here are 7 crucial strategies you must use to deal with these people and win what you have coming to you: Document Everything! Make sure you write down who you talked [...]

 5 Insurance Coverages You Absolutely Must Have

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The most exasperating thing I hear from my clients following an auto accident is when I ask about my client’s auto insurance and they tell me: “I’ve got full coverage”.  Typically, that means they have minimum required coverage with nothing extra.  Sometimes their limits are higher than the minimum, and they may have some of the optional coverages, but seldom do they possess all the coverage they need.  This often means they will be unable to maximize their personal injury claim.  That’s why I want to tell you about the: Medical Payments Coverage Medical payments coverage pays for medical bills [...]

5 Legal Pitfalls All Teenagers Must Avoid On The Path To Adulthood

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DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: No surprise here. I’ve noticed, most of the people with messed up lives, who are incarcerated, who have had their kids taken away, who face nasty custody battles, can blame teenage drug and/or alcohol abuse. I’ve seen them all: Honor students drinking on the bus banned from walking at graduation, a prom queen nearly expelled with marijuana in her locker, star athletes imprisoned after killing someone while driving drunk. Mostly, I’ve seen young adults who are unhappy due the failure to meet their own expectations, all as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. Choose wisely. RECKLESS [...]

7 Rights You Must Know When You Deal With The Insurance Company

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YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO TAKE YOUR TIME. One thing I hear from a lot of clients is how uncomfortable they were with the insurance company rushing them to settle the claim. The insurance company would like to settle the claim in a hurry. First, that is one more file off of the adjuster’s desk. Second, the longer a claim continues, the more it will tend to cost the insurance company. It is imperative for claimants to stop, think and wait until their claim is ready to be settled before it is time. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO CLAIM YOUR [...]

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