The SLG Guarantee

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THE SLG GUARANTEE: MORE FOR YOU, THAN FOR ME! Surprisingly, neither the amount of your settlement, nor the percentage you pay an attorney, determine the success of your personal injury claim. Your peace of mind, reduced payouts, and maximizing your net recovery (money in your pocket), are more important. PEACE OF MIND First, your lawyer must extinguish all medical reimbursements upon settlement. This spares his client unhappy surprises later, like calls from collectors. The peace of mind derived from owing nothing justifies hiring the right attorney. REDUCING PAYOUTS Paying the bills is not enough. Lower payouts benefit the client more [...]

2019 National Academy of Family Law Attorney’s Top 10 Attorney Award

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Mr. Samuels is honored to receive the National Academy of Family Law Attorney's Top 10 Attorney Award in the state of Arizona! NAFLA recognizes attorneys who have demonstrated excellence while representing family law clients.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona’s Annual Big Night Out Event!

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Samuels Law Group PLC was honored to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona’s annual Big Night Out event! The event was held on February 21, 2019 at the JW Marriot Scottsdale Camelback Inn. Approximately 700 guests enjoyed an evening of fun and raised almost $300,000.00 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona!

A&P’s 2018 Top 10 Family Law Attorney!

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Attorney Mike Samuels was recently honored with A&P's Top 10 Attorneys Award for both Personal Injury and Family Law! Samuels continues to serve clients throughout the Valley of the Sun, and he makes it a priority to assist them in the most efficient manner possible. Call Samuels Law Group today at: (480) 565-2000!

PAYBACK’S A PAIN (or something else)

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PAYBACK’S A PAIN (or something else) The Top 5 People Who Want to Steal Your Personal Injury Settlement          What do I mean by “payback”?  Unfortunately, when you settle your claim, you are only one of many who wants to get paid.  To get any money out of your personal injury settlement, you will need prevent the following people from taking it all: “Over-chargers”: Most hospitals and many other medical providers inflate their bills, knowing that your health insurance is going to drastically reduce them before paying a miniscule amount. When they find out about your personal injury claim, they [...]


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I was walking down 40th Street near my office, watching the cars go by, searching for ideas of value which I might share with my clients. I began to stare through the windshields of the cars whizzing by and observe the drivers. The topic of hazards came to mind. 1. INATTENTIVE DRIVERS. My informal visual survey of the drivers passing by on 40th Street revealed that about 1/3 of them were focused on their phone, not the road. Most of these inattentive drivers appeared to be in their 20’s and 30’s. None were elderly. That told me either older folks [...]

Key Ingredients For Your Injury Claim Peace Of Mind

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“Help me help you” is my Jerry McGuire response to my clients when I hear them recite that other line—“Show me the money”—from the same movie.  Your knowledge regarding these dozen key ingredients will help me to help you keep your peace of mind as we resolve your personal injury claim. Know the process.  Pursuing a personal injury claim is a process.  It involves investigation, identification of and communication with an insurance carrier, medical treatment, collection of medical bills and records and documentation of other damages, transmittal of that information, a demand for money, and negotiation, IN THAT ORDER. Understand [...]

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