What If I’ve Been In An Auto Accident?

Make sure you exchange insurance information, get the names and numbers of witnesses and make sure they report to the police. Get appropriate medical treatment and let the police know you have been injured, or may have been injured.  NEVER tell anyone: “I’m ok.”  You simply don’t know if you are ok following a collision until later, after you’ve been checked out by a doctor.  Call a lawyer.

What If I’m Getting A Divorce?

Don’t move out of the house.  Secure your share of the money and other assets.  Don’t let your spouse take the kids and don’t leave without your kids.  Don’t agree to anything in writing without consulting with a lawyer.

What If I’ve Been Drinking And Get Pulled Over?

Do give your license and registration.  Do submit to blood alcohol test; it’s the law.  You don’t have to answer questions without a lawyer present.  You don’t have to submit to a roadside test without a lawyer, either.  Do ask to call a lawyer.

What If Collectors Are Hounding Me?

Tell them they are not to contact you again, at home or work or anywhere else, about anything, and put it in writing.  Mention that they must obey the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Ask for a supervisor.  Make sure they identify themselves and give you an agent number if they have it.  Take notes and call a lawyer.

What If I’ve Been Served With Papers?

Make sure you note the date you have been served.   Read the papers immediately.  Put them somewhere where you will not lose them.  Call a lawyer immediately, make an appointment and bring the papers with you.  If the lawsuit relates to a motor vehicle accident or some other incident or situation where you may have caused an injury, contact your insurance company and get them copies.  You may have coverage which would require them to hire a lawyer for you.

What If Someone Won’t Pay Me?

Make sure you collect all documentation relating to the debt, invoice or contract which requires them to pay you.  Document all of your communications, including the date and time.  Do not make any agreements, in writing or otherwise, before you consult a lawyer.  Do not send any further written communication without consulting a lawyer.  Do not threaten them physically or with criminal prosecution, both are a crime.

What If I’m Accused Of A Crime?

Don’t say anything, to anyone, except your lawyer.  Call your lawyer immediately.  Gather any documents, or evidence, or information which relates to the accusations.  Do not destroy evidence; that is a crime.  Take your lawyer’s advice.