Once you have completed your treatment or at least you are medically stable, you, or your lawyer if you’re smart, will need to negotiate the best possible settlement with the insurance company.  Today we’ll be discussing the when?, what?, and how?, of successfully, and amicably, resolving your person injury claim.  What you learn may end up as money in your pocket or the headache you avoid.

#1) SETTLING TOO EARLY – When should I try to settle my claim?

You’ve completed your treatment, but have you collected all of your medical bills and records from all of your medical providers?  If you went to the hospital, do you have the bills and records from the emergency physician group? the ambulance company? the radiologist? the facility?  You’re entitled to be paid for the entire bill, whether you paid it or not, not just co-pays and deductibles.  If you are handling your claim on your own, which I do not advise, the insurance company may ask you to sign authorizations to obtain your medical bills and records.  If so, tell them to make sure you get copies of what the insurance company gets.

#2) SETTLING TOO LOW – What am I entitled to?

Once all of your bills and records have been collected, you should make sure all the elements of your damages are accounted for, including your lost income, travel and property damage.  Even if you get paid for your sick time and time off due to the accident, you are entitled to collect for it.  At about 50 cents per mile, it’s worth keeping track of your mileage going back and forth to medical visits.  If property in your car, such as your glasses, your computer, or other items, are lost in the accident, you should address these issues when you settle your claim.  Finally, you should keep track of how your accident injuries may have affected your life so you can use it to settle your claim for more money.  Did you stop going to the gym, playing softball, dancing or carrying your child for a while?  These general damages are as much a part of your claim as your medical bills.

#3) SETTLING WRONG – How can I be sure I’m doing this right?

As you may have surmised, there is more to the settlement of the accident injury case than initially meets the eye.  For instance, when you settle your case, you should be advised that there are many types of medical providers and related entities which may have a right to recover out of your settlement proceeds.  This is called a lien, right of reimbursement or subrogation claim. That is why I suggest that you hire a lawyer to handle it for you.

#4) NOT CALLING THE RIGHT LAWYER – Which Lawyer should I call Now?

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